marți, decembrie 09, 2008


sa simti niste versuri pana la binedispunere. din senin si fara ca tu macar sa intelelegi what the fuck ??!!?

if you want a lover
to make you feel unbroken

if you want a brother
to make you feel at home - home

here is my devotion
- till it`s over

if you want a short man
I will get my hair cut - cut...
and if you want less than other girls
I´ll be movin´ backwards - backwards...
yeah, here is my confession
till it´s over... over

stay with me
my Darlin´
stay with me
till it´s over.....

if I had the patience
to build you up a fortress
or if I had a notion
of collecting shooting stars - shooting stars
I would do it by profession
- till it´s over .....

stay with me


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